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People always ask me what I do...

Technical Director

Wight BITS is a business management consultancy that believes in the dreams of everyone that wants to work for themselves. We utilise web and tech to get the best out of your ideas, and then make them work for you. 

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Founder & Publisher

Our aim is to empower people to think for themselves; to use critical thinking and feel confident when doing so; and to never accept at face value what you’re being told, even if we’re the ones telling you.

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Manager & Promoter

Shack Promotions came about during lockdown as a place for DJ’s to live stream and connect with their audiences, with a big focus on mental health support, The Shack now runs and supports gigs and events across the Island.

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The Isle of Wight’s latest addition to the late night entertainment! Fever & Boutique is the fantastic twin room nightclub on Isle of Wight! Two rooms, two DJs, one great night out – THE place to be EVERY weekend!

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Publisher & Editor

The Candy Press was born back in 2012 when the editor saw a picture of a duck and an Island police officer with a riot shield herding it down Newport High Street, and couldn’t find anywhere to post a joke article about it, so made this website.

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After a few photos on a Sony point and click for a friends birthday, I realised I enjoyed being behind a camera and how it always seemed to bring the happy out in people. Now shooting clubs and gigs often, hunting smiles as I go.

Founder & Publisher is the biggest online supporter brand for Chelsea FC. With over 1/4 million followers over various social media accounts, and the largest database of Chelsea info online recording over 30 million hits since inception.

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Founder & Board Member

Asked by local ladies to train them, it quickly grew and established itself with good numbers, then managed to attract sponsorship from the Isle of Wight Festival to help get the project fully up and running to enter the league.

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Board Member

The history of Cowes Football Club can be traced way back to 1881, when the club was originally formed, although competitive action did not arrive until 1886 in the shape of the Hants and Dorset Junior Cup.

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