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People always ask me what I do...

Founder & Owner

I love being behind a camera and how it always seems to bring out the happy in people. Experienced in nightclubs, gigs, parties, events and promotional work, I mainly shoot fun stuff, hunting smiles as I go.

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Founder & Publisher

Our aim is to empower people to think for themselves; to use critical thinking and feel confident when doing so; and to never accept at face value what you’re being told, even if we’re the ones telling you.

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Founder & Owner

Brown House is a consultagency that believes in the helping people to achieve their dreams.
With a wide and varied skill-set spanning multiple industries, the brains behind Brown House can help to make dreams a reality.


Co-Owner & Manager

Shack Promotions runs both large and small public and private events, and also provides a multi platformed live streaming service for DJ’s, as well as a place for them to learn and develop their skills and knowledge.

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Photographer & Promoter

Fever & Boutique is the largest and most popular nightclub on Island! Originally started as a photographer but now a part of promoting and managing locally produced events on a week to week basis.

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The Cirque de la Quirk stage started in 2015 with a takeover of an area at the iconic Isle of Wight festival. Since then, we have been an integral part of the festival every year since with our own stage and unique style.

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Founder & Publisher is the biggest online supporter brand for Chelsea FC. With over 1/4 million followers over various social media accounts, and the largest database of Chelsea info online recording over 30 million hits since inception.

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Founder, Publisher & Editor

The Candy Press was born back in 2012 when the editor saw a picture of a duck and an Island police officer with a riot shield herding it down Newport High Street, and couldn’t find anywhere to post a joke article about it, so made this website.

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Started by training a small group of local ladies in 2017, the team grew and established itself with good numbers entering the league that summer. The ladies merged with Cowes Sports in 2019 but sadly disbanded as a team in 2024.

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