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Toby Brown - Services - Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

Whether starting your own business from scratch or looking to get the most of what you’ve got already, I can help you. If you’re looking to make structural changes, implement new systems or processes, get online & find customers, or you want to branch out alone or are struggling to just getting to grips with the day to day, then get in touch.

Toby Brown - Services - Project Management

Project Management

From office moves to system rollouts, product launches and social media campaigns, events and live music to brand and image management, the type and size of projects I’ve worked on or managed is vast.  I take this knowledge and experience and apply it to whatever project it is you require.

Toby Brown - Services - Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Lots of people have great ideas but where many fall down is getting that idea out in front of people. Whether you’re a new business seeking customers, or an existing one looking to tap into new markets – I find ways to get your brand, message or product out to a wider audience and can bring people both online and offline to you in the way you need.

Toby Brown - Services - Social Media

Social Media

Frightened by Facebook or scared at the thought of social media? There’s really no need to be! From simply running a page for your business to pushing agressive customer acquisition campaigns, competitions and website integration, I can put together a social media project or campaign that suits your business and show you how to run it.

Toby Brown - Services - Logo & Brand Design

Brand & Logo Design

If you’re starting out and need an identity for your business, a logo, website and marketing materials, or you’re running a multi channel campaign that needs a consistent theme and branding including complementary social media and web campaigns, or anything inbetween, then I can help you.

Toby Brown - Services - Web Design

Web Design

I built my first website in 1998 and have been designing, building, refining and upgrading websites of varying size and tech for over 20 years now.  I hold a CIW Master Designer certification and have personally designed and manage a stable of over 30 client websites as well as my own personal websites and online organisatons.

Toby Brown - Services - IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy

I grew up with BBC’s, 486’s and the advent of Pentium and networking. I moved to the City aged 18 and worked on systems and networks for banks, law firms and more, I’ve built pan European networks and server systems and I am experienced in all levels of tech from end user laptop to multi-server infrastructure.

Toby Brown - Services - Web Hosting

Web Hosting

I’ve hosted many websites for over ten years, now running all sites on privately leased VPS servers with near 100% uptime.  All websites come with a free SSL certificate and email accounts for your domain, with top level spam filtering and configuration that ensures your emails are always delivered to your customers inboxes and not their junk mail.

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